Monday, June 9, 2008

shoulda stayed in bed

I got up to start my summer vacation today. I went and worked a couple hours at the pizza shop which was fine. Then I decided to mow the lawn. It has been two weeks since I last mowed. For one thing, I had finals last week. Another thing, I have to go pick up my mom's mower and come back and mow, then return the mower. It really doesn't seem to be worth the hassle.

So the grass was super high. And the temperature was super high. I had to go really slowly just to keep the mower from shutting off. It started smoking (not sure why, it has both gas and oil.) Kept going...hit a rock that just stopped the blade completely. I attempted to pull start it again...the chord didn't budge. I pulled again (using a little more umph) and wouldn't you know the chord has no resistance at it came flying out and flew out of my hand and the grip at the end of the chord hit my other hand at a pretty high velocity. It hurt.

I was hot, sweaty, irritable, and in pain. I uttered some words under my breath that I will repent of this afternoon during some prayer time, and I came inside. The mower remains in the partially mowed yard. I've got a good feeling its busted. But right now I'm thinking about simply showering and getting back into bed.

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Jeff Honnold said...

Sorry...but that's some funny stuff right there!