Sunday, May 25, 2008

aww snap.


*7:00 a.m. is kinda early.

*Cedar Point is sweet.

*Even if its 60 degrees, you can get sunburnt.

*Mapquest's 'shortest distance' option can be a pretty stinkin' hilarious route to take.

*In a group of 10 or more, expect bathroom breaks every 15 minutes.

*Don't let Evan hang out with 8 year olds.

*Burt Bacharach and Raffi are not as popular as you'd think.

*125 miles per hour is fast.

*The Mine Ride is not meant for chubby folk. (Can I sue them?)

*In a group of 10 or more, birds will poop on 20 percent of your group.

*I'm working with a fun group, who needs to find some new 'line games' other than the initial game. haha.

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