Saturday, March 1, 2008

Prophetic Wisdom

This day's blog is a tribute to a prophet's brilliant words. No its not Isaiah, Amos or Jeremiah. His name is Wyclef. Hear these words: "Cos' I'ma tell you like Wu told meCash rules everything around meSingin' dollar dollar bill y'all (dollar, dollar bill y'all)Singin' dollar dollar bill y'all (dollar, dollar bill y'all)"

Now I realize the song incorporates a pimp and his prostitute and don't read into it as if I'm supporting or advocating such lifestyles. The premise of the song though is that cash rules everything. "Some live for the bill, they kill for the bill."

How true! I'll be honest, I am very skeptical about the notion of the American Dream that most Americans are pursuing. We have become a consuming giant. We have enormous amounts of waste every day. We get a hole in our shirt, we pitch it and buy a new one. We get a little bit chubbier because of all the food we consume and then we buy a new wardrobe because all our clothes don't fit.

That mustard guy I've mentioned in the past said that we can not serve two masters. He specifically was speaking about money and God. Think about it. The minute I took a college loan, I took on debt that I am spending years paying off. I have to work a lot to pay off the debts. Add a car payment, a house payment, hospital payments, new toy payments, etc... How can I focus my energies on building the Mustard Kingdom if I am 'serving' the debts I've accrued?

The answer I'm wrestling with is that I'm not sure I can.

Am I saying don't buy a house or a car or a big screen tv? Maybe, maybe not. At least, don't buy a house with 10 bedrooms and let 8 of them collect dust. Don't buy a ferrari because it drives nice on the highways. If you are spending big sums of money that do not have any Mustard Impact, you may need to re-evaluate what you're doing.

In the words of Wyclef, "money, money, money...It drives the world crazy."

What's driving you?

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