Monday, March 3, 2008

bunnies, eggs and Wal-Mart

What is the coolest thing you could possibly do on a Saturday afternoon? Well, clearly in the top five answers to this question is stand outside WalMart's entrances in 10 degree windchill with Easter Bunny ears on! That's right! Me, my sister-in-law Alicia and four off the hizzy youth from the church passed out between 300 and 400 Easter eggs to people of all ages inviting them to come to our church Easter Egg Hunt, as well as our Easter services. It was interesting to see the responses of people. Here were some of the characters classified:

The Anti-Everyone-Unsocialite- a very angry type, did not want a free egg with candy...did not want to say hi...either thought we were of the devil or were selling something.

The Childlike Senior- It was hilarious to see some of the older people when we asked them if they'd like an egg. While some were in the above classification that hated our guts for existing, others went from a stone hardened face to sincere joy when they took the egg. Reminds me there is hope in Easter.

The pre-headache parent- Usually with 2 or 3 kids, they had not even entered the store and butt whoopings were already a real possibility. They were relieved to have something occupy the kids attention, but the reality still was in their faces...the next hour was going to suck.

The Not-Yet-Contaminated- Kids are freakin' sweet. This dad brought up a little girl that barely had a vocabulary, between 2 and 3. He said she had a question for me that she'd been asking since they got in the parking lot. "Why you wearin' bunny ears?" She said with a giggle. Good Stuff...The hopeful side of me says "Praise the Lord that innocence still exists in the world." The cynic says, "just wait until she reaches junior high."

Theres alot of people out there. Why not offer them some mustard?

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