Saturday, February 23, 2008

Questions for God

My friend and mentor, John Mulpas, pastor of Orrville Christian Church has initiated an intriguing new sermon series at his church. Through his blog (link is in my blogarithms section), people are able to post questions that they would like to ask God. The top seven questions (based on a ranking system from all blog readers) will be addressed in seven sermons in the questioning God sermon series. I'm curious what you all think. What would your question be? Is there something you've always wondered or some area of your faith that you have authentic doubt?

I'll get to my question in a second, but this idea of doubt is important. Church goers seem to think that doubt is a sign of weakness and faithlessness. One thing that the emerging church has contributed to the dialogue of faith is the encouragement of authentic doubt. There is a time and place that we as God's people should be able to express our doubts and uncertainties about the faith and see if together we can spur one another along in community. Doubt creation? Doubt miracles? Doubt God's goodness? Doubt the resurrection? Come and let us wrestle with it, rather than being a closet doubter. Perhaps this is the essence of loving God with all our mind? That we stop having a 'blind' faith and start engaging God and his Word and saying 'I believe, but help my unbelief.'

My question to God: If you are entirely good and trustworthy, then why do so many bad and evil things happen in and around my life?

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