Sunday, June 22, 2014

5 Days Meet 3 Years

Dear 5 Days,
It wasn't that long ago that you ripped the hearts out of Shaina and I. We watched our little two and a half month old cling to life as her heart was getting worse and worse. We knew it wasn't good but when you showed up, it was devastating. We had so many hopes and dreams and aspirations. She would grow up, dominate in sports, academics and music and live a meaningful life that changed the world.

Then you came. The words the doctor spoke about you...the pit of despair and the pit in our stomachs. How could we go from a perfectly-normal-meet-all-the-milestones ten week old to a she may make it through tonight but not many nights after that tragedy?

You made us feel more emptiness, more wounding, more agony than we thought was possible.

How else can you react when you're told the daughter you dream of walking down the aisle on her wedding day isn't even going to have a birthday let alone a marriage?

5 Days to Live.

Then you met another one of our friends. Her name is 3 Years Old.

And we like her a lot.

July 1st, the munchkin will be three. The disease takes most of the kiddos at birth or by 6 months old.

That you didn't get the last word is pretty remarkable but know this 5 Days, you didn't get the final say. You're not the Supreme Authority.

3 Years had one thing she wanted us to say to you on her behalf.

Up yours 5 Days.

We'll take our chances with the one who makes dead hearts beat again.

And we celebrate.

Because 3 years old is better than 5 days.

Because 3 years old is freaking awesome!


Anonymous said...

Praise God for 3 years old!!! We're praying for many, many more birthdays!!


Anonymous said...

Three years way to go! Prayers for many many more years and if any little miracle is going to prove it, it is going to be Chaia! Our awesome God has a plan for that little precious Lamb and I love so being able to see it coming true! Need a few picture updates:) blessings to all of you and may she continue on her miracle journey! Love you all:)

Mama Karen said...

Praising God for Chaia's life! Every time I see a new picture posted I remember the day I prayed "she will live and not die and declare the works of The Lord". Her smile warms my heart! Her story increases my faith. The love I feel for your family is genuine. Thankful for your openness to share your pain, your struggles, your fears. God is the giver of life, the ultimate healer. Love your little warrior! She is already a world changer because she has changed the world I live in. Happy birthday sweet Chaia!