Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Random updates

Took a few weeks off from mustard intake. Hope you haven't been missing it too much in your diet.

10 Things.

1. Chaia is walking and talking and has the attitude of a high schooler. She had an appointment today. Pressure from the pseudotumor on her optic nerve is no better and no worse. So no emergent action is to be taken right now. We wait.

2. Had a huge clean out weekend at my mom's place. Hard to believe that the place I grew up in is completely empty at this point. I remember sliding down the steps in pillow cases during the Olympics, playing nerf basketball in the kitchen (full court!). I remember shooting my sisters with the hose outside and when my mom came to the window to yell at me I turned the hose at her and sprayed her through the screen. She should have punished me. She slipped up and laughed. She never regained control. I think I was 5 then. I remember my dad laughing so hard he shot corn out of his mouth at the kitchen table. I remember both mom and dad dying suddenly and far too soon in that house. Many of the best and worst memories all tied to one location. It's bittersweet for sure.

3. We are doing a 40 day challenge at City Campus Church where married couples commit to praying together like their life and marriage depend on it (because they do). Shaina and I included Chaia in this with us. We've been trying to teach her to kneel at night to say her prayers with us. She typically lasts 5 seconds and then wants to read a book or get a toy out. But a couple weeks ago, Shaina brought her downstairs in the morning and the first thing she did was say, "Chaia pray" and she got down on the carpet on her knees and folded her hands. The most important disciples you will make in this world are the ones you tuck in bed at night. Parents, invest your life here.

4. Took Shaina to see John Legend in Indy. She has openly said that she would leave me for him, if he agreed to sing to her all day. The guy can sing. After that concert, I may have told Shaina the same thing. It was a fun date weekend. We each agreed to plan 2 or 3 more intentional, meaningful dates this year so that we don't get in the routine of dinner and errand running or have all the pressure on one of us to come up with meaningful things. It's been fun, so far.

5. Coming up this week on the anniversary of my cousin Nate Dilyard's death from a car accident. Hard to believe it has been 10 years. Things can change so drastically so quickly. Make a difference. Change the world.

6. The Browns Draft? They didn't reach for a quarterback. And if Manziel pans out, they could have 5 guys who start/contribute significantly from the get go. Can't complain much about that. Can complain about the wide receiver position. There's not a guy on the eligible roster that I have a ton of confidence in.

7. The Cavs First Pick? I feel bad for whoever we pick. Been a toxic organization ever since the Delonte West/LeBron's mom fiasco.

8. I'm primarily caffeine free now for two months. There have been a half dozen slip ups in that span. But it has been pretty good. 2:30 pm seems to be the death of me each day.

9. My dad has been selected as a 2014 Smithville Sports Hall of Fame inductee. Pretty cool to see, but a little bummed he's not here to receive it himself. My sister was part of the inaugural class of inductees in 2010. I'm still waiting for my number to be called. 6 points a game plus 3 years on the JV golf team. Not to mention I gave up 4 homeruns in one inning of a JV baseball game. Pretty substantial resume.

10. A month from now I'll be on vacation. I love the break. I love my effectiveness, clarity and resolve after the break. Revitalizing. Two months from now I'll be in Ecuador with a team from the church. We helped plant the church and the Compassion Center where kids are being lifted up out of poverty. Shaina and I sponsored Yelixa, from that village and we will get to see her and serve her community for a week.


Cindy Penrod said...

I'm glad you took a 'mustard' break, but you were greatly missed!! My cravings for mustard were such that I sent my sister out today to buy some. About an hour later, she said she saw your new 'mustard' post! Anyway... I love you and we're ALL glad to have you back. Rejoicing in how God continues to move as His people pray.

MaryBeth McKinney said...

You know that you taught me everything I know about sports, so even though your name isn't on the plaque, you're hall of fame in my books baby brother! Love you and glad to see a post.

Emily Engman said...

I always think of Nate this time of year. I cannot believe it has been ten years. Life is so unpredictable.