Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Where else is there to go?

Jesus gives this teaching in John 6.

He says He is the bread of life.

He's the manna the world needs to get by each day.

The crowd hears it. And those who had been following for awhile...Those who had seen him do some cool stuff...

They said it was a hard teaching. Eat Jesus daily?

They left. It was too much. Too hard. Too complicated for the casual observer of Jesus.

But the 12 remained. The 12 that had given up all they had to take the yoke of this rabbi.

It's a hard road. It's a hard lesson to learn.

And the faint of heart check out.

Chaia's pseudotumor/pressure on her optic nerve are an emergent issue. Trying to increase meds to reduce pressure. If that fails, it's time for a lumbar puncture and likely a shunt that would be surgically placed on the inside of her skull and run down to her abdomen to drain the fluid/pressure

Frankly it ticks me off. It makes me frustrated and angry. It's a hard road. It's a hard lesson to learn. It's a bitter pill to swallow.

Suffering sucks.

Watching your kiddo...princess warrior...suffer sucks even more.

Sometimes (often times) life is hard.

And you can bail on the faith.

Jesus notices that the 12 disciples stayed. "You're not going to leave too?" He asks.

Peter says it well.

"Where else could we go? Who else has the words of eternal life? We have come to believe that you are the holy one of God."

I feel the same way.

I want to bail on the faith. I want to opt out because this road is hard.

But where else could we go? Jesus has so wrecked our lives that there is no where else to turn. He has the words of life. He is the holy one of God.

It's hard. But it is a better way.

That is the word for all of us isn't it?

Lukewarm, mediocre, half dead, half alive, zombie Christianity is not working and it is insulting to what God has accomplished at the cross.

But becoming fully alive? I've had tastes of it. A dead and calloused heart, beating again for the first time.

Some have told us how strong or inspiring we've been in the midst of hardship, which is nice and all, but often we feel anything but strong and inspirational. The bottom line? Where else would we turn? God has proven himself a rescuer.

For us.

For Chaia.

There is no where else to turn to come fully alive.

I know there are dead things, dead circumstances, dead relationships in your life. And the deadness invites you to walk away.

To shake your fist at God and write Him off for writing you off. Forget Him for forgetting you.

You can leave. You can bail. You can opt out.

But remember where God has revealed himself to you in the past.

Where else would you go?

We've seen God restore dead bones. Revive a dead heart. And now we need her vision to be spared.

You need a miracle. To see resurrection. To find hope. To get out of a tough spot.

Where else is there to go?

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