Monday, March 3, 2014

Operation Kill Fat Ben Monthly Weigh In

Trying to drop the lbs by making a series of good choices throughout the year rather than trying to quit 20 bad habits cold turkey. Goal is to move from 235 pounds to 185 pounds.

January--No more Fast Food (we broke this rule once last week on our way home from the hospital after getting the news that Chaia is doing miraculously well. We went to Chick Fila...I'm not even apologetic about it. haha)

February--Work out 4 times a week for 30 minutes each.
Week One 4 times
Week Two 2 times
Week Three 4 times
Week Four 1 time
Got some work to do on the working out. Half the battle is consistent time to do it. I feel like the best chance I have is around 6 a.m. before my day (and Chaia and Shaina's days start.) Problem is that I have been struggling to go to bed at a reasonable time to win the "out of bed battle" in the morning.

End of January weigh in = 227 pounds
End of February weigh in = 225 pounds

March--1/2 gallon of water every day. For some people this is easy. For me, I was raised on pop and juice. My body suggests it wants the sugars more than the water. So reprogramming is the challenge and the goal. Before I give up the pop (April), I've got to get the H20 flowing.

Was hoping for some more significant weight loss to this point, but will keep at it and see how it goes!

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tammyk said...

Hey Ben,

This is Shaina's 'Aunt' Tammy in Missouri... I'm cheering you on in sooo many wayS!! My comment to this post..

I was able to increase my water intake DRASTICALLY by using one simple trick. I didn't really like water so I flavored it with juice or tea gradually using less and less. Now I can just add a splash of juice to a whole glass of water. You could start by just watering down your juice a little then gradually increasing the ratio of water. You will find a juice flavor that works best for you. I love to add apple with a dash of cinnamon or Ocean Spray pink grapefruit (100% juice- not sugar water). You can also research different ways to flavor water without sugar OR artificial sweeteners. Like putting a cinnamon stick in a jug of water in the fridge and it will always be ready. Any herb (spearmint, fennel, clove, anise etc) you like can also be used. Ask Cindy, she can probably find some things for you, in fact she probably already has some ideas! I'M PRAISING GOD WITH YOU FOR CHAIA! and Ben, KNOW that God is using YOU through this whole event in a powerful way!