Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Birthday Girl

This gal has enriched my life for the last 13 years...10 and half as my wife.

Hands and feet that have worked me through college and seminary.

Arms that have held me in times of pain and tragedy.

A mouth that has spoken truth in my life and warned me of where things were heading. Sometimes I didn't believe you and found out the hard way.

A back that has carried our family, especially through the last couple years with Chaia.

A smile and laugh that still captivates me as much as when the whole Mount Union cafeteria would stop and stare when she laughed.

A soul that is aged in wisdom and life but is at the same time young and joyful.

While I may be seen as the leader in many capacities that we are in, she is without question the engine of our family and of C3.

You serve relentlessly. You host exceptionally. You think deeply.

Planting a church the way we are doing doesn't stand a chance without you modeling the way in hospitality and service.

100 meals around our table with other people in 2014? It seems crazy. And you say let's do it.

A kid with 40,000 medical issues to care for? It seems impossible. And you say we can make it happen.

I love you Shaina Joy. Happy Birthday.

You're the cheez whiz to my Ritz.


Cindy Penrod said...

Wow. What a love letter. I'm clapping & teary-eyed over here. Powerful words spoken from a tender-hearted man to a beautiful woman. Bravo! and yea, God.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Shaina!!