Friday, November 22, 2013

Bed Time

This kid.

Bedtime has been endearing lately.

We watch a couple bed time clips. Then we read a book or two. We pray together.

Then, She has to be rocked. Often she holds my arm and pats it as if she's the one putting me to bed.

Then she refers to herself in the third person. "Yaiya" She says...because she can't make a 'k' sound. She points to her bed.

I put her in her bed. But it doesn't end there. She has to hold my hand.

And then as she is getting close to sleeping she lets go of my hand and says "Dada" and points to the rocking chair.

Even if she's going to sleep, she wants us to stay close by.

I've tried to tip toe out and shorten the process (because bedtime seems to be getting lengthier and lengthier). But more than once I've been caught sneaking and she begins yelling out "Dada" and crying.

She wants to be with us. There is security and safety in her mom and dad. She finds rest there. Peace.

The day is obviously coming where mom and dad are no longer viewed as superheroes but instead as villains.

The day is coming when the desire to linger in our presence will turn to a desire for us to scram.

But today is not that day.

Do yourself a favor...even on the hard days, the long days, the exhausting days...

Don't miss the sacredness in moments like these.

Because the greatest discipleship impact you will likely ever have is who you tuck in each night.

Be present.

It's a better way.


Cindy Penrod said...

This post made me think of one of my favorite childrens' books, "You are My I Love You"...

I am your PARENT,
you are my CHILD.
I am your QUIET PLACE,
you are my WILD.

I am your CALM FACE,
you are my GIGGLE.
I am your WAIT,
you are my WIGGLE.

I am your DINNER,
you are my CHOCOLATE CAKE.
I am your BEDTIME,
you are my WIDE AWAKE.

I am your LULLABY,
you are my PEEKABOO.
you are my I LOVE YOU.

This Nana is enjoying every single moment that God provides with that little sweetheart we call 'Chaia'.
These moments are indeed a sacred honor and blessing. Praising Him for her presence in my life, and I know Papa feels the same way.

Anonymous said...

AMEN! And savor every single moment like these as they are what make us the person we are as well! Our time with our babies is ever so precious, as those little Creatures of our Great Creator are like "wet cement" everything we do leaves an impression in their hearts and souls!' We can rest later, trust me, but for now every minute like bedtime is sacred time, so glad Chaia has parents that know this, to many little lambs don't have anyone to love on them as we do ours, and this grieves my heart ! She is such a precious child, continued prayers to all of you!

Mama Karen said...

What precious memories you are making!!! It's been good to get these kind of updates lately. We praise God for Miss Chaia's life. When we let go and let God direct the "program" we call life, we find that He is always amazing us at every turn. Nights like this still let's me know Chaia's life is in the master's hands. Healing balm runs thru her veins. And to keep my theme of this ain't over till the director says this show is over. Rest in His strength. I continue to speak Life to the heavens for Chaia!!! May God continue to touch her body so you can make more memories. Hugs.