Friday, November 29, 2013


As many of you know, there have been so many random, unforeseen connections to Chaia's story. We never thought that people (ourselves included) would draw closer to God through Chaia's disease/suffering/joy/healing. But time and time again, we have encountered stories from people in our church, our neighborhood, but also other states and other countries. So many of whom we've never met, but who have stood in the gap for Chaia and our family.

Thursday, while most of us were selecting which pair of pants would give us the most 'give' for post-feast comfort, Donald and Liz Bean, whom I've never met, were freezing their buns off on Chaia's behalf.

The Beans, who have been following Chaia's story organized a 5k and raised some funds for Chaia's care.

But more than that, they gathered everyone there to share Chaia's story, to share how God is at work and to pray for our family.

I know that there are plenty of opportunities in the midst of suffering to say "Why us?"

I addressed that sentiment here

But now I'm asking "Why us?" in a totally different way.

Why do we warrant the prayers of so many around the world? Why should we receive encouragement, thinking of you cards, starbucks giftcards, ridiculous donations, impromptu fundraisers, etc?

So many don't have a faith community who rallies around their wounds and pain, why should we be an exception to that.

The "You don't know me, but..." stories have left us with our jaw on the floor.

And Chaia, who should not be here, is now bearing weight on her legs and thinking about pulling herself up to her knees. Two and a half years of "too weak", "too frail", "too brittle of bones", and now this kid is going for it.

She's winning. And you, friends, are kneeling.

And the two have been linked from the beginning.

Thanks to the Bean family and to all who continue to make sure that it cannot be said of us "We have not because we ask not."

Thankful for two and a half years.

Praying for many more!

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Jess Javorek said...

What an awesome outpouring of love. "Strangers" can be such blessings! :)