Sunday, October 6, 2013

Two Years Ago October 7.


Seriously the lowest and darkest moment in this story. I remember being so confident that Jesus would heal then.

The PET Scan would tell us if it was dead areas of the heart or dormant areas of the heart.

Instead of dormant, we got dead.

And wept.

We look like death because that's about where we were.


We still look like death half the time but Chaia is rockin' and rollin'.

Hang on through the worst thing friends!

Because as we've declared repeatedly, resurrection says the worst thing is never the last thing.


tammyk said...

Chaia has already won! God has used her to grow you two into who you are today. NO ONE would ask for or wish this on you, but God is sovereign and knows what He is doing. Ben and Shaina, your faith, that you were not afraid to publicize, has encouraged me and excited me repeatedly! You will NEVER know how just far reaching your testimony has been. I would say I DON'T know how you have continued to go on with so much daily stress, such heavy hearts, so much hurt watching your lovely daughter 'suffer', but I DO know!! It is only through the strength of our GREAT God. Through all this we will God be the glory!! I love you kids! (Aunt) Tammy

Grandma Cindy (Nana) said...

I remember that day well. I recall having received a birthday card in the mail, flipping the bright pink envelope over and numbering 1-25. Then, with a heart determined to honor God, I made a list of 'blessings' regarding Chaia's situation. Do you remember the list? It was helpful then, even as it is helpful now, to focus on the mercies of the Father. Those mercies are new & fresh every single morning, and His faithfulness is GREAT!