Thursday, October 10, 2013

Leadership Advance

This is a big weekend for City Campus Church.

Because we have a decentralized model of ministry, where people other than me are doing the majority of the leading and discipleship of the people, Shaina and my role as the leaders of the movement is to invest in and replicate leaders.

Every iteration of the movement comes with leaking vision.

So intentional pouring into leaders and continual articulation of the DNA of the movement at every opportunity are the patches to the leaks.

So Friday through Sunday we are advancing by retreating.

15 leaders in a house for a weekend up on Lake Erie.

Pray for Jesus to move and for clarity and energy to grab hold.

Attractional churches are often dependent on the charisma of the leader to thrive.

Missional churches are dependent on the replication of leadership (aka discipleship).

Pray for this weekend to be a defining moment of C3 for the next 10 years.

And pray for Shaina's parents who get to hang out with Chaia for the weekend. Pray Chaia does a good job of keeping an eye on them!

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