Monday, April 1, 2013

Prayers and 1200 posts

Prayers Appreciated as it is officially GO TIME! Feeding 20,000 on Sunday and having our first Celebration Sunday on April 14!

Pray for the funding of the feeding event. We are about $1500 short on our goal of $20,000. If you want to give, just go here.

Prayers for those who God is still stirring to register for feeding 20,000 people on this Sunday.

Prayers for the C3 Team that is working on the event...that details would be caught early and completely!

Prayers for the kids throughout Columbus who will receive these meals. Prayer for supernatural sustenance to come from these meals.

Prayers for Chaia and the Thompson clan...seems like at every key juncture of this church planting journey, the family has endured challenges. This stretch is no different. Pray for Jesus to protect our family...our marriage...Chaia's heart.

Pray for God's favor to envelope C3.

This is the 1200th post here at Mustard Revolution! Shout out to the four of you who have trekked with this since the beginning! (Thanks Mom! haha).

This blog has become a place where I've been able to reflect and process through a number of things in life, ministry and culture.

And it's been a place that I've been introduced or reintroduced to a number of you as you've rejoiced where we've rejoiced and grieved where we have grieved through Chaia's story.

It's because of a silly thing like this blog that hundreds and even thousands of people caught wind of Chaia's story and kneeled so she could win.

Thanks for joining the story!

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Mama Karen said...

Praying as always!!! Thanks Ben for letting us join in the ride of a lifetime with you, Shaina and Chaia!!! God will always be glorified when you allow Him to lead and guide the journey. So thankful He has allowed our paths to cross. Your openness has stirred things in me that may never have been touched otherwise. Just remember you are never alone on this journey. God has anointed you for such a time as this!!