Monday, April 8, 2013

Big Weekend and Big Announcement

C3 launched its Sunday Celebrations yesterday with 20,000 meals packed in 2 hours with well over 250 volunteers from all over Columbus!

It was an incredible day and Generosity Feeds did a fantastic job in helping us reach our goals!

And the coolest part of all?

We are doing it again!

With some recent developments over the past few days, we were able to lock in September, 2014 for our next Generosity Feeds Event!

Not only that, but if you come to our Celebration Service on Sunday April 14 at 11:00 a.m., City Campus Church will donate $10 to start the fund for the 2014 event!!!

Not only that, but a private donor has shared that they will match whatever comes in that day! So $20 will be donated for every person who comes to C3's first worship service!!!

So quit your job. Cancel your meetings. Decide not to sleep in. Move to Columbus. Do whatever it takes to get here to help C3 Celebrate what God is doing in this City!

NOT ONLY THAT, but there are some epic things in the works to share with those who are able to come! I can't share it until it happens!!!

Change Starts Here!


Jackie Thompson said...

so happy it went well for you.
Thought about you all day.

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