Monday, March 11, 2013


Pray for Jesus to build his church.

To keep us near to Him while He builds his church.

And to heal our daughter while He does the first two things.

Full disclosure...we're having a tough time with Chaia right now...We love her to pieces and she is an absolute sweetheart...but this feels like more than we can bear.

I want to know what it means to come to Christ as heavy burdened as we feel in this situation and allow him to give us true rest.

Pray for that.



Nicola Harvey said...

I don't know you, but I know you are my brother and sister in Christ....I say this for thought.....could it be you are over committed elsewhere and that's why Chaia is taking so much of a toll??? Have you thought, I'm sure you must have, of why the Lord has brought her into your lives this way? Are you both on fire for Kingdom growth and not so able to be still? They are things I have walked through with other parents and I was just wondering?????

Jessica Hart said...

Ben and Shaina...I am in awe of everything that you guys have been through. I cannot imagine as a parent going through everything that you have with Chaia and still coming out of it with the grace and faith that you guys have. She is a miracle. Every breathe that she takes. With that being said I cannot imagine what you continue to go through on a daily basis with her care. I do know that you are right where God wants you to be doing exactly what he wants you to do. Your story touches and will continue to touch so many lives and restore people's faith and bring them to or closer to God as it has done in my own life. I pray rest and restoration for you. I pray that you continue to follow God's plan for you, no matter the obstacles. I pray that Chaia's care becomes less involved for you guys and she receives a complete healing. I pray that you are able to rest in Him. I pray that your church plant continues as He has planned for you. I wish you all of the best and I truly love you both and that sweet precious Chaia. I pray that you not get overwhelmed with her care even though no parent should have to experience this. I pray that you both are able to thoroughly enjoy every moment with her as each one are a gift from God. I wish and pray all of these things for you and commend you for everything that you are doing for God, His church and for your beautiful baby girl. Don't let anyone or anything discourage your spirit in your church plant, walk with Him, or your parenting or care of your miracle baby. You have so much support and so many people love and adore you all! Keep doing what you are doing and keep your heads held high! If you guys ever need anything, please let me know. Springfield isn't far away...even if you need a break or someone to sit with Chaia so you can breathe. I have 3 little ones that adore her and would love to keep her busy for a while! God Bless you for all you do! Always kneeling in Springfield:)

Jackie Thompson said...

I'm praying that God leads you to the right decisions for Chaia's care and your church planting.