Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Prayers This Week

We can't do this without you.

Thanks for praying.

We had 10 or so new folks connect with C3 Basic over the weekend. Amazing to see new faces buying into C3 so quickly.

People are hungry for Community and for Change.

Pray for God to give me supernatural productivity this week. Bottom line is there are more things than are humanly possible in the next few weeks. Pray that I am able to make progress with this and delegate where needed.

Pray for the students and teachers at GEMS, where we will be meeting for our Sunday morning Celebrations. Pray that we could foster a great relationship with them and let them know that we are FOR them.

Chaia heads to the Cleveland Clinic for a long awaited feeding evaluation. We need a breakthrough in this area. Pray for favor.

Pray for the Missional Communities. Groups are serving this weekend at GEMS and doing outreaches at Ohio State and Columbus College of Art and Design. Pray for people to be changed and be change.

We are almost a month out from our launch. This is amazing. Please keep praying!


Mama Karen said...

Praying as always. Proud of the work you are doing with C3. Good to hear of the progress you are making!! God will be glorified in all you do. Praise God!! Will be praying for Miss Chaia as she goes for her feeding evaluation. Believing for good news!! Don't give up!! Keep pressing forward. We love you guys!!

Grandma Cindy said...

Rejoicing. Praying. Believing.
God, glorify Yourself!