Monday, February 18, 2013

My career as a Model

I started a part time career. Those of you who know me or have seen know that modeling is a pretty important part of my story. So it seems only appropriate that I get a job as a model in Columbus, the cultural center of the midwest.

No...not that kind of Model.

I mean Modeling Discipleship.

Leadership is not primarily about the position or the's about how well you embody and model to those who are following you.

I cannot persuade people in C3 to know their be the gospel in their leverage their lives for their roommates or embody a missional lifestyle by teaching them theory (no matter how practical it is).

I cannot convince people to spend less time in Jesus bubbles and more time with people who are far from God or far from church or far from both if all my time is spent with Jesus people.

The key to leadership is effective modeling.

You want your people to have a dinner every week with people they are connected with? Then have a dinner with some people in your life who aren't stuck in a Jesus bubble and invite your people to join you. Model it.

I cannot and I will not ask C3 folks to do something I am not willing to do myself.

So, for me to challenge them to be on mission in their workplace, I need to be able to model it.

So, the last two days, I've rekindled my work in retail as a truck unload associate at Kohls. 10-15 hours a week...not really for the income, though it won't hurt...not really to relieve boredom...I'm already insanely busy with church planting...but primarily to say as Jesus said..."Go and Do Likewise."

It's interesting that so many people feel the "call to ministry" and LEAVE the marketplace scene where they have significant influence over those around them. Sometimes this is the legitimate call of God...But I wonder if sometimes it is JBS...Jesus Bubble Syndrome.

The facts have been widely published...Christians who are 7 years into their walk with God dry up the majority of meaningful relationships/influence with those outside their church and faith.

Spiritual Maturity is about making disciples.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

If you are not making disciples...even if you know the greek words for "making disciples"...even if you have heard 47 messages on the Great Commission that tells you to go make disciples...If you are not making are not spiritually mature. does a leader of a church get the people of the church to make disciples?

By modeling it.

Pray this week for my interactions with new coworkers/friends...that I would be aware of how God is at work.

Pray for effective time management as this is a very, very hectic season.

Pray for the group of people who are taking C3 Basic this weekend...They will have the opportunity to say "I'm in with C3" at the close of this time. Pray that the right peoplesay yes!

Pray for me as I preach at Discover Christian Church on Sunday. Pray for God to move.

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Patrick@missionglue said...

The key to leadership is modeling. Thanks so much for the eloquent reminder.