Monday, November 26, 2012

Praying this Week

Five Things to pray for the Thompsons and City Campus Church this week. Thank you for holding us in your prayers.

1. Pray for us to 'Sparkle'. C3 is doing a Christmas Initiative based on a children's book called The Sparkle Box. Everyone who is part of C3 is asked to do five things in five weeks to honor Jesus as we approach Christmas. Pray that people would be changed and be change because of this initiative.

2. Pray for a place. We are getting toward crunch time in terms of finding a place for our Sunday morning gathering, which is slated to kick off in April of 2013. Pray for God's leading to what is right for C3.

3. Pray for the Thompsons. Chaia continues to go through great stretches and then horrible stretches as far as keeping her feeds down goes. This has worn us down over time. The weekly feeding evaluations with the child psychologist are beginning to yield a little bit of fruit which is great news! Pray that we can get to the point where there is no longer a tube needed and that Chaia's heart can handle the increased energy it takes to take food orally.

4. Pray for our Missional Communities to grow in the coming weeks. I think we are at a tipping point where if we can just have a little bit more momentum in these groups, the flood gates will begin to open up.

5. Pray for me. Lots of big leadership decisions in the coming weeks. Pray for wisdom and boldness in leading this movement in ways that make much of Jesus and trust and submit to His Word and His leading.

Hard to believe we are in the Christmas Season already!

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