Monday, November 5, 2012

Prayers This Week

Thank you for praying.

Last night we had around 20 people on their knees praying for Obama/Biden/Romney/Ryan. Not so much praying for the outcome of the election...but praying for their families, their influence as leaders and their souls. It is hard to trash someone when you're praying for them. Encourage you to do the same this week. Rather than a political rant about why your guy should win, pray for each guy and their family. They are after all, humans in need of a savior.

Our second missional community kicks off this week in Westerville! Pray for their kick off gathering on Thursday evening!

I am going to do some reconnaissance on some locations that our gathering could be held at some point this week. Pray for God to lead that process and reveal the space to us.

We found out last week that we finally have someone in Columbus who is committed to working with Chaia on a weekly basis to get some momentum in eating food! This is a step in the right direction. Those weekly interactions begin this week!

Pray for the people of C3. This is a pivotal season for us. Missional Community One sent out 8 great people, many of whom have been journeying with us since the beginning of this church plant. That means we have some growing to do. Missional Community Two is starting from scratch with those 8 people. That means they definitely have some growing to do! Both groups must grow, because in January we send out another team!

The goal is 3 communities of 20-30 people then we launch the gathering! So we need to be bold!

Change starts here!

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Jackie Thompson said...

Praying all your endeavors this week are productive, especially the ones working with Chaia and getting her to eat.