Monday, October 15, 2012


I tell you what, there is a lot going on right now!

I invite ya this week to praise God with me for what He is doing in Columbus.

Praise Him for the fact that two different couples came and stayed with us this weekend both praying about coming to Columbus to join God where He is working here!

Praise Him that C3's ten4ten initiative is in full swing with outreaches this week with Knowlton School of Architecture, a Westerville block party and an OSU tailgating party as well!

Praise Him that we have leaders and apprentices in the works for our second and third Missional Communities to be launched including our second one being commissioned in two weeks!

Praise Him that people are being changed and being change in this community. With a number of our regular attenders working or out of town last night, we had our largest turn out for C3 yet! This tells us that it is time to replicate...or knock out a wall!

Praise Him that Chaia's BNP, a measure that indicates how much heart failure she has is still trending downward (from the 5000s to the 3000s!) To be fair, we were told the normal heart is in between 100 and 200, but she was over 22,000 when this journey started. Praise Him for healing hearts one cell at a time.

Praise Him. Because there is no other affection in your heart that warrants praise like the God who knit your heart together in the first place!

I've heard a thought provoking question a few times recently...What if you woke up tomorrow with only the things you thanked God for today.

Pray continually friends. Give thanks in all circumstances.

Because the kingdom wins when we kneel.


Grandma Cindy said...

I second your 'wooohooo'!! God inhabits the praise of His people, and we are praising Him with you!

Mama Karen said...

Praise God!!!!!!!!!! Like Grandma Cindy, we give a big WHOO HOOO!!! Glad to hear hearts are being changed and that Chaia's heart is being healed one cell at a time! God is worthy of all our praise! I'm thankful today for a healthy 2 week old grand daughter. Thankful you guys entered our lives! Thankful for our home, our family, our jobs and our friends! God is good!!!

courtney schnee said...

AWESOME!!!!! God is SOOOO Good!