Tuesday, October 9, 2012


We had our big quarterly Cleveland Clinic visit today.

It went well. Chaia didn't have a super meltdown.

Long story short, no news is good news. She seems to be progressing ok.

Obviously lots of unknowns when we think big picture.

But her heart function has not worsened. She's growing up and her heart is tolerating that.

She still isn't making much progress in taking food orally.

She still loses her first feed of the day religiously.

But she's still here.

So day after day, we will thank God for working in a dead heart, enjoy the gift of LIFE and plead for another century.


Grandma Cindy said...

I continue to place her on God's altar, asking Him to HEAL HER FULLY AND COMPLETELY. I continue to PRAISE HIM for doing just that, despite what the medical community may report. And I thank Him for answering prayer for Tuesday's good day!

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful news! We won't stop praying for sweet Chaia!
Always kneeling in Springfield :)

courtney schnee said...

Prayed for her last night. Praise God for another day of life!

Mama Karen said...

Continuing to pray for her feedings! We are watching a miracle right before our very eyes with each passing day! Trusting our loving Savior to work on her digestive system. Praying for creative miracles in her little - or should I say growing body ;)from the God who hung the stars in space, who heals blind eyes and turns stony hearts to flesh. Believing every day! Lots of love and hugs!