Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Generosity Factor

Generosity is a strange thing.

Biblically it is pretty simple. You're entrusted with stuff and you can either seek to multiply it or horde it.

You can't say you will be generous in the future...when your debt is paid off...When your kids are through college...When the economy rebounds...When you get a raise...or get a job... That's not how generosity works.

Generosity is not giving out of surplus or giving out of comfort. Generosity is saying I love you more than I love this. Generosity is seeing an opportunity for Kingdom Investment (whether caring for the poor, investing in your local church or supporting a non-profit, etc) and saying I will give not out of convenience but out of belief that there is no greater use of what God has entrusted to me than to entrust it back into His kingdom.

Sowing. Reaping. Blessed to Be a Blessing. Where your treasure is there is where your heart will be also.

And so that is why we're asking you to help us help Ecuador.

Because a new Stadia church plant means a new Compassion International Center which means 200 new kids are able to be sponsored and 50 new kids under 4 and their mothers enter the child survival program, which means new partnership between two new churches...two new pastors. Lasting, ongoing relationship.

I'll be honest. There are temptations to not be generous. Chaia could use this. She would really like that. What about that rainy day? But as my friends at Compassion would tell you,

the opposite of poverty is ENOUGH.

So if those who have been given much give away their excess to those who have been given little, we meet in the middle at enough.

For me poverty has a face and a name. And that means I will do whatever I can to be help her have enough.

I hope you will think about joining me. We are in a sprint to the finish...trying to raise $5000 for this church plant in Ecuador. We are about $700 short as of right now and the voting polls close at midnight Saturday night.

Watch the video. Go to and make your contribution. 100% goes to the Ecuador church plant. It is all tax deductible.

And there isn't a more generous thing you can be a part of!

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Grandma Cindy said...

This post is spot on, Ben! I have asked God to help me not to dream of MORE, but to live the reality of ENOUGH! I'm endeavoring to live simply, but generously, with God's help and enablement. Take it from this nurse... affluenza is a disease you do not want to have!! God, give us a heart change to be joyously generous in ALL things... our selves, our time, our homes, our food, our money, our belongings.