Monday, October 22, 2012

Prayers This Week

We had over 30 people at C3 last night! Eight first timers which is fantastic!

We are bursting at the seams and it is perfect timing because we are sending out our next Missional Community next Sunday. I can't wait to commission them and see how God continues to replicate this movement.

Heres a prayer request for each day this week.

Monday-Pray for our ten4ten outreaches. This week we will be connecting with the teachers and staff at an elementary school, serving neighbors by raking leaves and doing other yard work, hosting a neighborhood Halloween Party and forming a partnership with Big Brother Big Sister! Huge things for one week!

Tuesday-Pray for Ryan, Jace, Rachael, Brian, Deanna, Aaron and Breanna who will all be part of pioneering our second missional community.

Wednesday- Pray for Chaia. Pray specifically for a miracle to happen with her left ventricle that causes it to come back to life and pump like its supposed to!

Thursday-Pray for our sister church plant in Ecuador. We are trying to come up with $5000 to help them launch. Find out how at

Friday-Pray for Shaina and I to continue to pursue each other and grow in our marriage.

Saturday- Pray for rest.

Sunday- Finally the big day of the run! Pray for both Bens to finish the half marathon and to give glory to God for working in our hearts to want to help children have a shot at a future.

Full week! Best place to start is on our knees!


courtney schnee said...

wow! awesome!

Mama Karen said...

Never forget we are here on our knees praying for you always!!