Sunday, August 12, 2012

Prayers This Week

I love where we're at. This weekend we packed meals with Lifeline Christian Mission to send to Haiti and countries in Africa and then we served food for about 50 people at a cookout at the pool and had some neat connections.

It's going to get crazy this next week!

Shaina and I, as well as some of our C3 members are Daniel Fasting this week. Daniel Fast is basically fruits, veggies and water. We know we are at a key point in this journey and we are ready for God to move.

Pray for strength and revelation as we fast and pray this week.

Pray for the prayer walk Saturday. More than that...come pray with us. The kingdom is breaking in and we need to pray about how to join God in this work. 11 am - 1 pm, starting at Worthington Christian Church.

Pray for C3 Basic. Next Sunday we start a season where we introduce the key values of City Campus Church. At the end of this time we ask people to determine if C3 is something they want to partner with. It is such a huge step to this church.

Pray for our campus outreach on August 20-21. We are asking God for opportunity to rub shoulders with 2000 students.

Change is coming. Pray without ceasing.

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