Monday, August 6, 2012

Prayer for This Week

Pray for our family to stay strong and close. I think for every church planter, there is a place where the enemy will seek to gain a stronghold. For some it is financial. For some it is in relationships. For others it is family.

I can't afford an okay marriage. So pray that Shaina and I would continue to connect as husband and wife, having meaningful conversation, prayer and quality time.

I can't afford to be an okay dad. Pray that Shaina and I would both know how to leverage our lives in parenting so that God is glorified and Chaia is loved in ways that don't lead her to narcissism but lead her to Christ.

Some other big things coming up.

Pray for prayer warriors. I am hoping for 40 people to come and join us in a prayer walk for Columbus/Ohio State/CityCampusChurch on August 18th. It's from 11-1:30 with lunch provided at the end of that time. If you would be a part of praying God's church into existence, you can sign up here on facebook or email me at to let me know. Please Please Please join us in asking God to knock down the walls of Jericho!

We are serving Smoothies in C3 cups at the Involvement Fair at OSU on August 20. We are hoping to serve 2000 smoothies in 4 hours and rub shoulders with a ton of freshmen and hopefully have a lot of names to follow up afterward! Pray for a warm, sunny day where smoothies will be a draw. And pray for significant connection to happen, that day and for months to come!


Jackie Thompson said...

I will always pray for you. That you can stay strong and PATIENT.

Mama Karen said...

Praying for you, Shaina and Chaia always. Not sure yet if we can make it on the 18th. Will let you know if we can. If not we will be praying wherever we are at the time. Live you guys!!