Thursday, August 2, 2012

I Took My Wife to a Strip Club Today

No it wasn't a date night.

No, It wasn't to put in a resume.

It was to find out if we could reach out to a group of girls who have found themselves in a pretty tough place and see if we can root for them, support them, encourage them, provide back to school packs for their kids or perhaps care packages as some of the college girls head back to classes.

There is a lot of heartache, darkness and secrecy in the world. And God has a knack for bringing light, hope and resurrection to places like that.

Proud of my wife for being bold and courageous enough to do something audacious for the kingdom.

Grace belongs to the wretched.

And grace always wins.


Anonymous said...

We're you able to learn of items they could use? I bet there are several who would partner with you guys in assembly some items. What an awesome and bold thing to do!!

Joy in Kansas said...

We forget that a lot of today's Mary Magdelenes are dancing in the dark, living to find value in something about themselves, even if it is the money they make from men that don't know their true value. Love this approach. Go bold, baby.