Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ecuador Day Two

We flew from the capital city of Quito to the coastal city of Manta and spent the first part of the day in a very rural village where an established church plant and Compassion Center were located.

Before the church was built, there was virtually no access road for vehicles to this village. There was no cemetery (the government provides cemeteries for the villages). The only example of church in the village was a Catholic Church that meets once a year. Now there is an access road, cemetery, about 200 kids who are being sponsored by Compassion. There are 40 new mothers who receive weekly home visits in the village to help them care for and work to develop their little ones.

A village is being transformed by the hope of the Gospel.

The Church has been built on the highest hill in the village.

It's a city on a hill.

The whole village can see where transformation is coming from.

And for this Church, for Compassion, for Stadia and for C3,

Change Starts Here.

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