Monday, July 16, 2012

Hello Again

Back in the saddle this week. It was a good week in Destin, Florida with some great moments.

The day after we got back, Chaia started in with a fever and slept all day yesterday. Pretty sure the kiddo is cutting teeth, but fevers make the heart work extra, so if it doesn't get better today we will be heading to the pediatrician.

Things to pray about this week:

Pray for me to catch up. Getting away is always good. Coming back is always crazy. Pray for me to be an email/administrative juggernaut at the start of this week.

Pray for Chaia's complete healing. This is a given, but I won't stop pleading her case to God and I ask you don't either.

Pray for next steps with C3. We have a good core of 15-20 folks that are interested so far which is awesome. But its time to take it to the next level in terms of outreach, community, and investment. Pray for us to discern how to take these next steps.

Pray for financial partnership. We hit our first goal and now we are shooting for our second goal in fundraising, looking for an additional 50k over three years. It seems daunting but if 15 partners came on at $100 a month for 36 months we would exceed our goal! So pray for 15 partners! Interested in partnering? Go Here.

Meeting with the Management Team tomorrow. Pray for the Spirit to Stir.

Prayer is not a task we ought to do...It's a privilege we GET to do.

Have at it.

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Grandma Cindy said...

We will be praying!! Really loved your call out that 'prayer is not something we OUGHT to do, but something we GET to do! Dad preached on prayer Sunday and it was a keen reminder that prayer is quite simply 'meaningful and intimate conversation with our Pappa God'. What a high privilege!! WE OUGHT TO PRAY, WE NEED TO PRAY, WE WANT TO PRAY, WE WILL PRAY!