Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Update On Giving To CityCampusChurch!

So we are fully incorporated now and the method for giving as a financial partner has changed a bit. You need to make this change now as gifts that are sent to Stadia at the PO Box in Irvine, California will be kicked back to you beginning in July. So, here is the updated way to give. Make your check out to City Campus Church and send it to

City Campus Church
312 Crosstown Road #232
Peachtree City, GA 30269

You can also set up to give automatically online through our secure giving location. It is an easy process that will just take a couple minutes to set up. You will have the option of using your checking account or your credit card. We would prefer you to use checking if you can, because we get a percentage taken out of every credit card transaction. But either option is fine!

Here's what you do.

Go to

If you would like to make a 'this time' contribution. You can simply click the "Give Online" icon at the top right of the screen and fill out the information there and select "Outside Support: The Thompsons" and your transaction will be complete.

If you wish to set up a recurring contribution, all you must do is click 'sign up' and fill out the information there to create a user name. Then, once you are logged in, click the GIVE tab that appears in the tabs just under the CityCampusChurch header at the top of the screen.

You then have the option to click One Time Gift or Repeating Gift. Select your preferred method of payment and then you can actually set up a monthly withdrawal for as long as your commitment is to last. You can choose a month longevity (give for 36 months)...or you can choose an amount total (give until I reach my commitment of $5000).

Updating our financial status, we have reached our preliminary goal of $150,000 committed over three years which is an absolute PRAISE JESUS. Our next push is to our secondary goal of $200,000. So we are looking for partners to jump on to get us $50,000 more in invested financial support. The reason for this is to provide cushion so that we have plenty of resources of reaching out to the community and can also give us a little more wiggle room toward sustainability by the end of year three. So come on board with CityCampusChurch!

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