Thursday, May 10, 2012

Update on our buddy Jack

Many of you who have journeyed with us through Chaia's story still mention and inquire about Jack and his family who were fellow Cleveland Clinic cojourners with us.

Jack had brain surgery to try and remedy the many seizures he was having each day.

We got to see Jack and his parents Mick (also goes by Jimmy) and Nikki this past Monday while our families were both there for check ups.

Jack began seizing again a few days after they returned to Ireland. He has around 15 seizures a day and they have gotten more aggressive. His right side has also begun to give out at various times. His speech has also been lost.

What they thought would be a quick check up with the doctors and a return flight to Ireland has turned in to another prolonged stay. The surgeon wants to go back in and try to fix the seizing. So the Kelly family is back at the Ronald McDonald house awaiting Jack's surgery next Wednesday.

Jack is still a kid full of smiles. He just turned 13 a little over a week ago, so he's a teenager now!

I'm asking for you to pray specifically for the family to feel encouraged and hopeful and not feel beaten down by another surgery. Pray specifically for the seizing to stop altogether. And pray specifically for the Kelly kids who are still in Ireland as it is hard to be away for extended periods like this.

We have seen all throughout this journey that prayer changes the impossible. Chaia is still here because so many all over the globe have knelt on her behalf. I'm asking you to rally around Jack and the Kelly family the same way.

Lord have your way.


Jackie Thompson said...

Prayers are up for Jack and the Kelly family. OH, Great Physician, please place your healing and gracious hand on them

Alisha H. said...

Praying for them, and praising God for the plan He has laid out for this family!
Alisha H.
Woodland, WA

Mama Karen said...

Praying for Jack! Trusting God to guide the surgeons hands and believing for Jack's seizures to cease. Thank you Lord for this precious young life. Thank you for the update Ben! The effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much!