Monday, May 28, 2012

Pray This Week

This morning the verse that is impressed on my mind is John 3:30. He must increase...I must decrease.

Pray that for us this week.

Pray that we would get over the feelings of tiredness because His energy has amped us up.

Pray that we would not get hung up on the frustrations and intricacies of Chaia's care, but that we would find ways in all circumstances to give thanks.

Pray that we would not be tentative or gun shy with our neighborhood, but that we would be filled with a boldness and urgency for the gospel.

Pray that our marriage would be less selfishness and more servanthood.

Ask God for 5 firm household commitments to CityCampusChurch by the end of this week.

Our tentative plan is to launch our first missional community (think small group but with fervor to serve together as well as fellowship, eat and worship together) by Mid-June. This is the first step toward gathering a team for launch.

He must increase...because this church plant won't stand a chance if He doesn't.

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