Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Discipline of Remembering

I did a sort of devotional exercise yesterday morning and went prayerfully back through Chaia's story through this Mustard Lens. I read yesterday from July 1st all the way to October 4 and it was a very meaningful thing to do.

The reason why is because we are plagued with spiritual amnesia.

Even in Scripture, God is constantly having to remind the next generation of who He is before He acts.

"I'm the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I'm the Lord...the one who brought you up out of Egypt..."

The reality is that where we are heading in our lives is deeply interwoven with how big our view of God is. And our view of God expands only when we remember well where we've been and what He's done.

Too many of us have stopped dreaming because we have forgotten that God is the God who rescued...who redeemed...who revived...who resurrected...who reconciled.

If your mindset is 'just get to the weekend' or 'just get to vacation' or 'work, eat sleep repeat' you are living a small story.

When we take the time to intentionally develop the discipline of remembrance, we better know who we are...whose we are...and what we are called to become.

The blog helped me remember some moments where God's presence and guidance was thick. It helped me refocus on the call God has on us for Columbus...the cost that following God's call often has...and He reminded me that ours is a call not always to immediate blessing...but always to come and die.

He must increase. I must decrease.

What do you sense God prompting you to remember this week?

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Mama Karen said...

Great thought provoking blog! I agree there are so many areas in which I must decrease and He must increase. Thanks for the challenge! Praying always!