Monday, April 30, 2012

Prayers This Week

Our place is looking more like a home and less like a warehouse. So week one of this Columbus journey has been good.

Here's where I perceive needs for prayer this week:

-The Management Team makes their final decision on hiring us this week. Pray for wisdom and clarity for David, Ben, Steve and Toby.

-We are having a number of connections with friends from the past this week (college friends, young adults I had in youth group two churches ago, young adults from our last church.) Pray first for sweet fellowship and encouragement and second that God would stir the hearts of those He desires to plant with us. We've said all along. We want people to join us...if they are called. If they aren't, they will sabotage the whole thing which isn't good for anyone. So, pray in this way.

-Praise! We are oh so close to reaching $150,000 over three years. Thank God for those who are investing in kingdom work and ask Him to bring on a few more investors...Whether they are $100 one time, $10 a month for three years, or $10,000 partners, just pray that God would get us to the finish line by the end of May!

-As for us as a family, we are going to begin transitioning to me putting in a full work day, which leaves Shaina and Chaia with more one on one time. Pray that they don't kill each other and that Chaia starts crawling when I'm around! haha. We are in the process of lining up a cardiologist, a feeding program, a pediatrician and a pharmacist in Columbus.

-Last, pray for our neighbors in the Olentangy Commons. Pray for divine appointments where we can connect.

Thank you all for praying! It is changing the landscape of things!


Jackie Thompson said...

Love the giggles

Mama Karen said...

Praying for you guys tonight. Believing for good things to begin to happen. Trusting God to be your strength as you get settled in and he will direct every footstep and meet every need. Praying for opportunities of ministry everywhere you go. These steps you have taken have not always been the easy road but I hear the Lord say it is the chosen road and if you just keep following the path that I have laid forth for you, doors will open that will amaze you. Keep walking, keep trusting, continue steadfast in the Father's love. Do not fear for I hold every tomorrow. I already know what you have need of. Rest in that promise.

Thank you Jesus for your word. Really felt that word from God for you tonight. Always kneeling.... Mama Karen.