Thursday, March 22, 2012

Stake Your Claim

God promised Abraham that he would be made into a great nation and would be given a Promised Land.

Then the years went by.

Abraham tried to force the issue by manipulating his circumstances. (Fail).

They doubted God's plan.

They laughed at God's plan.

And then Sarah died.

Abraham was left with a choice. Bury Sarah where he was currently living. Bury her where his family was from back in Ur. Or bury her in the land that God had promised to His descendants. He decided to do the third.

With all that had happened over the years to make Abraham doubt whether God would come through, Abraham still believed what God had promised. And he didn't just believe in it with wishful thinking or cognitive ascent. He staked his claim on God's promise by purchasing a spot for Sarah to be buried.

If you are listening for God's direction, there will inevitably come a time where what He is prompting seems inconceivable or isn't materializing in the time frame you desire.

And in that moment, you can 'have faith' and simply passively believe and hope God will bring it about. Or you can 'faithfully live' and actually take the initial steps God wants you to take in obedience to Him. It's not that you will it into happening, but it is trusting and believing in action.

If you don't stake your claim on the promises of God, there's no telling what you might miss out on.

So hear his voice, believe his voice, and follow actively his voice.

Because it's a better way.


Taryn said...

I have been following your blog for some time and praying through Chaia's journey with you. I feel so close to your story as my own daughter's name is Clara Joy and was born just 1.5 months after your little girl. We also went through a time testing for a genetic disorder. I have no doubt our girls would be great friends if they ever get to meet.

I really appreciated your post today. It was a huge blessing and encouragement to me. Thank you for being faithful in sharing your thoughts and God's truth.

Shaina said...

Are you trying to say you are going to do me in? Bahahaha!

Your wife :o)