Sunday, February 5, 2012

Five Ways To Pray

Lots going on this week. Please don't stop kneeling.

1. Pray for Shaina and I to have margin this week. Margin given by each other to have quiet time, run errands, rest, be alone...whatever it may be. When we have margin our family works better.

2. Pray for Chaia. Check up at CLE Clinic for an echo and an ekg, but also meeting with the geneticist and hopefully hearing word back from the DNA tests that were sent to Germany. This appointment is Thursday. Ask for God do cause doctors and nurses to kneel because of the Word He has done and is doing.

3. Pray for our house hunting trip this coming weekend. We are going to check out some rentals. This is so much more than just a nice spot with a nice set up. we are desperate for God to show us where our Mission Hub will be centered. Ask God to give us eyes to see what He sees.

4. Pray for me as I am preaching for the first time since June. I will be preaching at a church plant in Plain City known as Pulse Christian Church.

5. Pray for rest that is deep and productivity that is effective.

Pray like our lives depended on it...because they do.


Kimberly Fisher said...

The kids and I can babysit on Tues and Wed from 12:30 to 4. Call if you need us.

Staci said...

I'm off this weekend so if you need help while your in town let me know!


Anonymous said...

Have been continuing to kneel for you guys and will bring these 5 specific prayers to the Lord. We know He is listening and will guide you. Love, Sharon & Bruce

Amanda said...

Will do!!! Love Chaia's game day attire yesterday :) It sure sounds like a busy week for all of you, as always, praying in KY.

KCN said...

Ben -- I have been following your blog for a few months now. Your family is inspiring and I appreciate how you all approach this situation. My daughter, Charlie Claire, has medical issues of her own and reading through your blog has been very therapeutic for me. I appreciate you sharing your story. Feel free to check us out at!