Monday, February 6, 2012

Faith of a Child

So I've been thinking over the past few weeks about one of the things that has impacted us in ways that we never could have expected.

It's the way that Chaia's story has been grabbed ahold of by other children.

I wish I could recall with you all, each of the ways kids have rooted for, knelt for, and simply pulled for Chaia to be healed.

Obviously the countless hand crafted cards...including one from 'a fellow heart warrior' who had been in the exact ICU room as Chaia at the Clinic and caught wind of her story...lucky pennies from other heart giving up toys and stuffed animals that they wanted Chaia to have...stories of kids coming home day after day from school and asking how baby Chaia was that taking it upon themselves to take up a collection to help out Chaia (one little girl brought us her ziplock bag of six dollars and change that she had collected for Chaia) praying...and I mean hundreds of kids praying...many of them daily...praying bold family brought two of their daughters who knelt down beside Chaia and each grabbed a foot and they prayed for her...we've had kids ask for her hand in marriage...crack open champagne bubbly for her on New Year's Eve...prophetic pictures drawn of Chaia dancing in rain puddles...becoming a firefighter...even this week a kiddo is jumping rope for the american heart association in Chaia's honor.

I could seriously go on and on.

I believe with all my heart that a significant reason we have celebrated Chaia's 7th month with us is because there are so many kids pleading Chaia's case...because quite frankly they have the audacity to believe God for what they are asking Him.

I thought we could have some fun and get to know some of you families out there. If you and your kiddos are praying for Chaia...would you video it and either throw it at me on facebook or by email ( and I will work on posting the videos for sometime next week, just to share how God is gathering His people. It doesn't need to be polished. Your kids can be any age...just want to put some faces to some of the families out there who are kneeling on our behalf.

Can't wait to meet you. (Get 'em to me by the end of the weekend!)

Here's one video I had posted months ago.


Amanda said...

Children truly see the world with an innocent and pure set of eyes! The little girl in the video has a bright future ahead of her, she is so sweet :) Praying in KY.

Anonymous said...

This video makes me smile everytime I see it!