Thursday, February 9, 2012

Appointment Palooza

Off to the Clinic today for echos,ekgs,blood draws and a meeting with the geneticist who diagnosed Chaia way back when. Hopefully there will be some new information regarding DNA tests that were done in Germany to confirm the GACI diagnosis.

It will be a whirlwind of a day. So prayers for patience and perspective are appreciated.

Somedays are very frustrating with all the unknowns and wondering where this story will unfold and having since day one, more questions than answers.

If we're not careful that frustration can steal the gift of today. And if and when it does, our opportunity to make much of Him is compromised.

More than anything else, this journey we are on reveals the ugly areas of my heart that are filled with selfishness, entitlement and bitterness.

The negative of this is that there are areas of distrust and sin that continue to darken my heart.

The positive is that God is inviting those areas to the light.

There are more hearts being miraculously worked on in this story than just Chaia's.

He makes our dead hearts beat again.

And that is good news.

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Joanne Sadlon said...

My heart is one that has been worked on through Chaia's story and your writings, Ben, particularly those of giving your child over to God, for the glory of God. God is working in him, it's not just up to me. So sometimes I can relax.

Praying for Chaia, you and Shaina and your new church.