Monday, January 16, 2012

Pilgrims and Settlers

Reflections on a Thought from Sermon Yesterday

Pastor Ebert mentioned this briefly in his sermon and my mind started to churn on it. So I want to reflect on it...may be helpful to you, may not. If not, you get your money back.

There are some significant distinctions to be made between pilgrims and settlers.

Pilgrims are going somewhere. Settlers went somewhere.

Pilgrims are on their way. Settlers have arrived.

When we apply this to following Christ, it is pretty challenging...

It is about what God is doing...(Not about what God did back in 1994).

It is about the journey...(Not the destination)

I think the dangerous mindset of settlers is one of complacency and perhaps the biggest tragedy is when a generation opts for settling instead of pilgrimage...

Because the question that ceases to be asked to the one who has settled is "God, what would you have me do today?"

If God calls you to something new, the pilgrim simply adjusts their sail. But the settler has the labor and cost of pulling up the anchors.

And for many, the anchors are a deterrent to obedience.

So perhaps the question for us this week, is "God, where are you leading me today that I need to adjust my sails and live by your Spirit?"


Anonymous said...

We too had a similar message. Our new series is called 101, as our Pastor shared his elementary experiences. Several teachers greatly impacted his life....but would not be happy if he remained with them, that would have meant they failed at helping him to progress in his education. Our Father too, wants us to always move forward in our faith in Him. Love your blog and the honesty, insight and faith that you share with so many. Prayers continue for all of you!
P.S.-how's Jack?

Anonymous said...

As our journey goes on, we need to "turn towards things that Jesus loves." We have a difficult time keeping our focus on Jesus...not a good thing. We get wrapped up in the secular world. It truly is a journey. Praise God for that journey.