Monday, January 16, 2012


For the first time since September 18, the Thompson family was in Church together!

It was good to see so many who have worn out the knees of their clothes on Chaia's behalf.

Chaia celebrated her first time back in church by throwing up all over Dad in the first 5 minutes.

We smelled like rotten eggs the rest of the morning.

You know what it says in Proverbs though, "He who smells like rotten eggs in church, sits in own 'pew'"

But if you smell like rotten eggs and look like this (and are a miracle in progress):

People come love on you anyways.


Anonymous said...

We were up in the balcony so we really didn't notice that you smelled like rotten eggs. Actually, we really wouldn't have cared what you smelled like.It was just a joy to see all three of you and the smiles. Praise the Lord and we will still be on bended knees. Love you all.

Joanne Sadlon said...

Golden Globe 2012 Best Dressed Award goes to Chaia Joy Thompson!

"Who" was she wearing?

Lord we thank you so much for church, fun, friends, family, awesome dresses, headbands, and yes....puke.

Anonymous said...

Well, no one noticed becuase we were NOT focused on you but the beautiful bundle of Joy with you.
Was great to see you there.


Anonymous said...

At least it was only "rotten eggs" that you smelled like--she could of had an "exit accident too:)" It is all good--Glen & Denise

Cathy Dickinson said...

As usual, she has the most gorgeous bow to match her dress!
I think of you often and hope all of you are doing well at home. It always feels good to be home, puke or no puke! God bless all of you!
Cathy Dickinson (Lactation) :)