Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Five Dollar Footlongs

Chaia met up with one of her good nurse friends, Jackie at Subway in the CLE today. They let Shaina and I join in as well.

She sat in her stroller and was just an absolutely pleasant baby.

Then the poop. It wasn't as pronounced as her infamous, patented Chin-Tuck-Eyes-Crossed-Turn-Purple-and-Grunt bowel movement.

But it was the I'm-Sitting-In-My-Stroller-And-I-Bet-I-Can-Shoot-This-Out-Of-My-Diaper bowel movement. On her outfit. On her coat. On her stroller. Yes.

Shaina and Jackie take her to the bathroom to tagteam her wash and wax.

Jackie came back out with a cleaned up, newly outfitted Chaia in her arms while Shaina remained in the restroom.

Next thing we know, Chaia hurls.

On the floor...on Jackie...on Chaia's new outfit. Yes. I go to get Shaina and the diaper bag she had with her. When I return seconds later, she had done it again...A massive milk puddle in the middle of Subway.

Some guy who was on his lunch break and was eating next to Armageddon said it was no worries. He had grandkids and that stuff happened..."though not usually that much."

We still made our check up at the Clinic and I think Jackie and Chaia are still friends.

The whole scene made me think of this...Hope you laugh as hard as I did.


Amanda said...

There is always a 'first' time for everything lol :) sweet Chaia just felt comfortable enough in her surroundings to do her business! Have been reading the posts to stay updated, but unable to comment from my phone, still praying in KY :)

Amanda said...

Oh no! Our daughter used to do things like this often. :) The best one was while going through security in Cleveland airport!

PS: I'm Amanda and I'm praying in KY too!

Joanne Sadlon said...

Is there still such a thing as finishing school, or am I showing my age again?

Chaia is certainly lacking in social graces!

Trust me, it won't always be this way. She will eventually use the potty. Then you'll brag tht you know where every restoom is in every store and restaurant in the city/county.

SarahMariePhotography said...

She is such a cute little chunk :)!!!! I am so happy to see you guys at home! I can't wait to bug you guys again soon with my camera (Just so you know, I will be in your lives forever now!! ha ha)!!


Anonymous said...

Ben you will have to remember the sweet smile is a sign of something comin too:)Just wait til that sweet smile is used to con you both into whatever she wants--they are cunning little creatures, I often wondered where do they learn such a "gift?" They have such a precious way of pooping and pucking that makes it all ok! At least you and Shaina didn't join in--then we would of had a scene.Continuing to pray and so glad that you are all home and discovering your new normal. Gods Blessings and enjoy every minute as they go by way to fast. Glen & Denise

Anonymous said...

I too laughed at the video....only yours is "real life" and crazy too! Little Chaia is just having it all in her new normal life!!! And you guys got rocketed into that real life!! Have fun! So glad you guys are home and little Chaia is progressing...tests in Germany...WOW!!! going internationally too! Still kneeling and praying and one sent to your friend!

Greg said...

The first time I read it I thought it said Shaina hurled haha

Cathy Imhoff said...

Ben, you make my day when I read your posts. I usually laugh and you are so "right on" with all your thoughts on life and what the Bible thought provoking! It's great to hear that Chaia is doing so well. She has GREAT parents! You keep posting and we'll keep praying! Never thought that quiet little leaguer could turn into the adult Ben!