Wednesday, January 4, 2012

5 Things

1. Chaia has begun bolus feeding. First 24 hours have been good. She is still fed through NG tube, but her stomach seems to be tolerating the bolus route.

2. The scan that Chaia was scheduled for this week to find out if the calcifications have been stabilized, reversed or worsened has been canceled. The documented cases suggest the optimal time for seeing change is after 6 months of treatment. (In some cases change has been identified at 3 months of treatment.) So we will have no definitive knowledge of how the calcification treatment is working for 2.5 more months. This is fine by us...we are optimistic that the fact that she has bounced back from the initial myocardial infarction suggests the calcifications are not worsening.

3. I didn't tell you my New Years Resolution. I'm going to eat one salad a day 365 times this year. Hoping to lose some weight, get a little healthier and impress my wife with my wide range of food pyramid acquisitions. Today is day four...and after dinner I will be 4 for 4.

4. Shaina and I made a bet on the Super Bowl. I know I know, not very 'Christian' to be gambling, but we aren't betting money...we're betting date nights. If I win, Shaina has to take me to a Cavs Game. If Shaina wins, I have to take her to a play. We took turns picking teams and whoever has the SuperBowl winner, gets their date night.

My teams? Green Bay, New England, Pittsburgh, Denver, Detroit and Cincinatti.

Shaina's teams? New Orleans, San Francisco, Baltimore, New York, Atlanta and Houston.

5. Don't forget that this Saturday, the Church I began my walk with Christ, Smithville United Methodist Church is putting on a Soup Fundraiser on Chaia's behalf. It is donation only. Shaina and I are hoping to make an appearance. It is at 5:30 p.m. at the Smithville Church (243 North Milton Street, Smithville, OH). Thanks in advance to the good folks at SUMC for having the heart to do this for Chaia! See you then!

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Kimberly Fisher said...

Hope Shaina finds a great play for you to take her to. Go Purdue GRAD!!