Monday, December 5, 2011

One Challenge Ends. Another Begins.

Thanks for those who joined in on the two week Hebrews Challenge!

As many of you Revolutionaries know, our connection to you and the support and encouragement and prayers you bring to us have warded off the insanity (at least for Shaina)...I've always been on the fence in this area.

So, now you get a chance to work your way into the legendary annals of The Cleveland Clinic.

I know I know. You're already on the edge of your seat. So here's the scoop.

One of the nurses has asked us to think about submitting a design that could be used on the back of the PICU staff t-shirts for the 2nd Quarter of 2012. The nurses purchase the t-shirts and the proceeds go to benefit the Children's Hospital.

So rather than hog all the hospital glory, I thought we would make this a fun and friendly competition. You guys have until Sunday night to submit your entry for a t-shirt design that would capture Chaia's story.

Here's the stipulations. I'd like to see the Bible reference to Ezekiel 36:26 on the shirt in some capacity. Can be small, like an artist's signature or however you see fit. It needs to be symbolically related to Chaia but not explicitly about Chaia, as these shirts will be worn in the hospital long after Chaia kicks this disease in the pants.

So paint. Color. Draw. Photo shop. Design. Etch. Whittle. Sculpt.

Email the entries to or upload them to my facebook page and we will convene some of Chaia's favorite nurses to do the judging and determine our entry to submit for the t-shirt.

I will be thoroughly disappointed if we don't have 30 submissions for this contest. I will pout, throw tantrums, shut down the blog, have a miserable Christmas season and a horrifying new year if you Revolutionaries don't pull through. :0)

Make me (and more importantly Chaia) proud!


Courtney said...

Sir, Yes Sir!

Anonymous said...

Smiling at the vision of you throwing a tantrum. :)

Jann said...

I do not design, but would love to buy a shirt to wear at work and support Miss Chaia!!! Have a great day!