Thursday, November 24, 2011


Shaina and I were reminiscing about some Thanksgiving memories and I thought I'd share one of our funniest moments from Thanksgiving together.

It was our first Thanksgiving married.

It was like the week before Thanksgiving or something like that and Shaina's workplace gave out turkeys to all its employees. We had plans with the fam for Thanksgiving day, so this turkey was to be our own treat.

Neither of us had ever done anything with turkey other than put it on our plate and eat it. So, there we stood in our hallway...(a.k.a. our kitchen) in our first little apartment.

Step one. Pry our not so feathered friend's legs apart. I don't know if it was that our turkey was partially frozen still or was a particularly modest turkey, but Shaina couldn't get those legs pried open. So, in comes me in all my masculine glory. After several attempts of prying this Herculean bird of war's legs apart with my bare hands and miscellaneous kitchen gadgets, I grabbed a screwdriver and a hammer. Finally, the direct descendant of the pteradactyl fell victim to my Peyton Hillisesque biceps (Its my story.) We had access to the inward parts.

Step two. Reach inside defeated poultry and pull out "the bag". We didn't exactly know what "the bag" was, where it was located or how to remove it. We just knew it was in there and was to be removed. After phone calls to both our moms, I courageously reached in and grasped for this treasure bag of goodies. I found the treasure and excitedly attempted to pull my arm out of the bird's nether-regions. In my excitedness, the bag caught on something inside the turkey. Without contemplating the sturdiness of the bag I was pulling on or considering the sharpness of the object I was pulling against, I pulled harder. Suddenly the resistance stopped and with a surprising amount of force my hand and the sought-after bag came out of the turkey...only the bag was torn. By the time I had stopped the momentum of my arm and the shredded bag, the contents of the bag continued moving and when the dust settled, there on the kitchen/hallway wall behind us, splatted and oozed downward six inches by earth's gravitational pull, stuck the turkey's heart. Other organs landed on the floor...but the heart stayed plastered at eye level on the wall of our kitchen.

Step Three. Clean up the bird organs.

Step Four. Place in oven, cook and enjoy.

I find myself more aware of gratitude and thankfulness these days.

Thankful for the cross. Thankful for our family. Thankful for you all and the support you've graced us with. Thankful for one more day with Chaia.

Gratitude is a holy attitude.

In 5 Words...what are you thankful for?




lawrence said...


Gods riches at Christs expense.
Happy Thanksgiving
Love and prayers
South Africa

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! I vote you become writers...your descriptions and word choice are great! NOt using my 5 words yet..I want to tell you God is using you in ways I cant even explain. Thankful for wisdom,salvation,family! P.S. thankful for life and joy..the meaning of Chaia's name! We serve an AWESOME GOD!

Anonymous said...

God and all his Glory

Cathy said...

Thankful for God and what he has given me and for you, Ben...with your words and faithfulness you have brought me back to the Lord. Prayers continue your way daily..

Anonymous said...

God, forgivenss, salvation, family, friends. Thankful for you, Shaina, and Chaia and for your wisdom and inspiration. Thinking of you all and your families today, and thankful we are so blessed to have you in our lives. Have a great day with your beautiful little girl. We're continuing to pray. Love, Sharon and Bruce

Joanne Sadlon said...

5 words-I'm a child of God!

I put those innards in the garbage disposal one year.
2 words- BIG MISTAKE

Thanksgiving blessings to all. I am thankful, that through Chaia's pain that I have "cyber-met" more people to love, and less time to focus on myself.

Anonymous said...

God, my family and the Thompson Family

Anonymous said...

Blessings to you Ben,Shaina and Chaia Joy!! Thankful every hour of everyday, "FATHER",FREEDOM,FAMILY!!May God pour out His richest blessings on all of you and your extended families this Thanksgiving!love, Glen & Denise Sayre

Steph said...

My first turkey I didn't know there even WERE innards so I never took them out. GROSS AND DOUBLE GROSS!

Thankful for Scott, Connor & Selah.

Anonymous said...

Ben, what a hilarious story! I literally laughed out loud. Maybe if you used Troy Polamalu power you would have had better luck. Hehehe!

I think I am most thankful for the cross. And how it has saved me.

Many thanksgiving blessings to you guys in room 2. My thoughts and prayers are with you all from fabulous Erie, Pa! Give sweet Chaia a hug for me!


Anonymous said...

Too many blessings to count.

Christ's death on the cross.

God's eternal love for us.

The Thompson's faith and testimony.

All of these have made my Thanksgiving more richly blessed.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours and give that beautiful little girl a kiss!

Anonymous said...

That definitely sounds like something my husband and I would do! Too funny! Thankful for family, friends, God, forgiveness, your story..among many other things. Have a happy Thanksgiving!!

Gramma2u2 said...

I'm thankful for my precious family.
(ok that's 6 but I had to do it)

I'm also thankful for your day with Chaia.

Wood said...

Thankful for family and grace.

Jackie Thompson said...

I remember that phone call, thinking... Wow there is a lot I didn't show you about the turkey, I just remember dancing Tom in the kitchen sink.
I'm thankful for my many blessings and having a wonderful son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter to teach the world all about our Heavenly Father and Great Physician. Love you all.

Anonymous said...

From my 86 year young mother, "I am thankful for God, Family, Friends, Home and Country" And I am thankful that I was able to share another Thanksgiving with for my mother, father, husband, daughter, son-in-law and the first Thanksgiving with my grandson. Blessings to you all, Diane F.

Anonymous said...

Relationships with God, family, friends. K. Hostetler

Erica said...

Thankful for Cohen's precious heart! :) Happy Thanksgiving from the Arnettes!

Anonymous said...

I know i am late but I am Thankful for my family, friends, the example that the Thompson family has shown me and others, and all the blessings that God has given me.