Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thompson Family Thanksgiving- 02 Style

It was a good day today. Chaia is stable. They put in an NG tube and are back on feeds for the first time in a week. That means better nutrition and nastier diapers.

I went to Smithville for the 8th Annual Alien Bowl this morning and lived to tell about it. My team took 2nd out of 4...My cousin Steve Franks ended a curse on par with the Chicago Cubs by winning his first Alien Bowl (Congrats!)

Sayre's Food Center in Smithville, who has "Pray for Chaia" on their marquee sign sent us dinner for two, a Thanksgiving dinner with all the staples!

So here is Thanksgiving 2011:

Chaia's first Turkey day wore her out substantially, so she joined her dad in pretending to watch football and passing out for an afternoon Thanksgiving Nap.

Tomorrow Shaina and I are going to go out for the evening and watch the Lake Erie Monsters hockey game. Nothing fans the flames of romance like a bunch of grown men with half the teeth they ought to have, smashing each other for a couple hours.


Mama Karen said...

Happy Thanksgiving! There is much to give thanks for this year! Chaia looks like she is growing so much since we first started this journey with you. Praise God! She has the cutest chubby cheeks! Love all the "baby fat". Makes you want to just smother her with kisses doesn't it? Still Praying!

The Price's

Meg and Gee said...

happy late thanksgiving to you all. :) Hope you have a great time tonight at the game!

Courtney said...

so sweet. happy thanksgiving thompson 3!

The Blake Family said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, thanks for sharing the pics. So Thankful that Chaia had a good day on her first Thanksgiving. Praying for many more!