Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Cleveland Clinic Caper

Jack got some support a few weeks back about the same time as I had requested that you mustard revolutionaries send some cards and encouragement his way.

He received this photo, signed and everything.

The mystery is, that the Irish don't recognize him.

And I don't recognize him.

So maybe you recognize him.

Or maybe you are him.

So if you're able to help solve this caper, let us know.

If you are him and you're not famous...its kinda creepy.

Insert your solution (or your funny caption)in the comment section and help us solve the Cleveland Clinic Caper.


Jen Azar said...

If you are him and you're not famous...its kinda creepy.

That made me laugh out loud and I'm at work so everyone thinks I'm nuts! :o)

Sorry....can't give you any help here.

Good luck and I'll be waiting to hear an update!

Becky said...

I believe Chuck has solved your mystery. The picture is of Johnny Fairplay (former Survivor contestant) see this link
Not sure if someone knows him but I believe that's who it is. I told you Chuck is full of it (useless knowledge that is LOL) Love you guys!

Jen Azar said...

Becky, you are right! Kudos to Chuck! We are huge Survivor fans (although I was never a fan of this guy)!

Ben, he is now involved in professional wrestling in some capacity, I think.

MIck said...


It's puzzling that neither Jack's family and others (including myself) didn't recognize him, because according to his biography, he "received The Most Memorable Reality Star in the History of Reality Television honor at the Really Awards on Fox Reality." So he's 'really' kinda almost famous...

Thanks for the chuckle Ben! Praying for Chaia always.

- Mindy

Wood said...

So I guess you dont want me sending my picture and autograph to Chaia? I have personalized guitar picks too!...