Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Abe, Ike and Chaia Part One

So, Genesis.

God makes things. Things are great. Then things go bad. Then God starts over with a few things and those things go bad. Then, God starts over with one.

Genesis 12:1-3.

Abraham. Called to leave his family. His homeland. His gods.

God calls him to offer up his past. Everything about him. Everything familiar. Everything that is safe. 75 years of one way of life, God says its time for a new direction.

And Abraham goes...He's not even sure he knows where he is going...He just goes...Because the one He is going after told him to.

Most of you know Chaia's journey, but you may be less familiar with the Abraham journey God has us on as a family.

We made this announcement to our church family on Sunday, September 11.

On September 18 we went down to Columbus to spend a week doing reconnaissance for our move in January. We were going to the land that God had shown us. We were sacrificing our past...our comfort...our familiar surroundings...our families.

If you keep reading in Genesis 12, God's promise to Abraham is quickly followed by a road of obstacles, danger and trial that made it unclear if God's call would work out or fail.

The week of September 18, while we were in Columbus, Chaia began showing symptoms of something being wrong.

The parallels are intriguing.

I'm not saying I'm fathering a nation.

But I am saying that God has called us to start something new. And where God wants to start something new, the battle rages fiercest.

Do you think that the Enemy of God desires new movements of God to be launched?

Simultaneously, do you think God wants untested, unshaped, unmolded leaders leading new movements of God? (Keep reading about Abraham in Genesis and see how long it took for the Promise to be fulfilled in his life. Testing, shaping and molding are prerequisite to countless bible leaders/heroes.)

Be sure of one thing...God wants you to offer up your past. Everything you've known and lived and loved. Offer it up to Him. He may call you to sacrifice it. He may not. But He is for sure calling you to offer it up.

And rest assured...doing so will cost you dearly.

But avoiding obedience will cost you even more.

It's time to count the cost.


Anonymous said...

You continue to astound me and challenge me - so appreciated. You, Shaina, and Chaia are loved dearly. Keep up the fight, Thompson Warriors!! Aunt Jill

Mama Karen said...

Ben and Shaina, I have said from day 1 of this trial that there was no coincidence that all this started when you were stepping out in unchartered territory. The enemy doesn't like you. That's okay because we don't like the enemy! He can't have Chaia! He can't have your calling! If God be for us, who can be against us? God has the last say in all matters. But in the midst of all this, God is making you stronger. You are going to face opposition in Columbus. But it is your faith in God that will help you to accomplish the task and fight the battles. There are lost souls that need you! Don't give up! You will fulfill your destiny! And like Abraham, you have committed. Keep fighting! You are mighty warriors for the Kingdom!

Anonymous said...

At one time Ben, you and Shaina wondered if you would find a congregation of your own. .Wow does God work in mysterious ways . . you have been given a world that is listening . .the three of you have touched so many lives! Keep leading are following :-)

Amanda said...

Just want to thank you for your last couple of blog entries. They are filled with great thought provoking material and mind stimulating thoughts. We have all come to love your family and continue to pray for God's will through all of this as well as comfort and peace for all three of you. Hoping tody is another awesome day for the Thompson clan!!! Prayers from KY :)

Anonymous said...

As a new comer to Christ, I want you to know how much this blog has meant to me. I anxiously await each day to read your inspirational words. Thank you for sharing this difficult situation; you have made me so much more of a servant. I am so grateful and moved by your journey.

Anonymous said...

cishaWe continue our prayers for Chaia, Ben, Shaina, Jack, and all the families involved. All must be for the glory of God. Praise God.
God bless you all.