Saturday, October 15, 2011

Quick update

Change Your World! Bring $5 and help Chaia change the world.


Just an FYI, this will be a time of worship and prayer together with friends family and churches! The RISE band will be leading us. They are swell.

See you tonight!


Mary Beth said...

If there's any way to post part or all of the service tonight could you please do so! I really wish we could be there, but please know that we will be praying. We love you guys so much! Hugs and kisses!!!

MamaMarty said...

Know, that while I cannot be there in person, I AM there in spirit and in prayer.

Gramma2u2 said...

I wish I could be there in person, but my knee-mail will be with you all during the service. Praying for a miracle for your little sunshine.
Praying for you all.

The Schnee's said...

Here is my way of "being there" from nc...
Gracious and Holy Father,
We are overwhelmed by your power and sovereignty over all things! We praise you for the blessings of life, the blessings you bring through pain, the miracle of life, and the miracles you perform everyday! We plead with you right now to bring yet another miracle to the thompson's-by way of the healing of Chaia's heart and body.
Grant Ben and Shaina strength, hope, peace, and wisdom and discernment in deciding what next steps to take for Chaia.
Guide the doctor's decisions to do what they need to do to help Chaia. May you continue to be glorified throughout this process, and give Chaia a long life of loving and serving you on earth.
We are pleading for life for Chaia! May your name be praised and your glory be spread!