Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Brief Update and Wednesday's Song

No tests today. Chaia is resting incredibly well (with a little friend called sedation). But her vitals are all great today. She is able to maintain her own temperature without assistance for the first time in a long time! Her liver is back to normal size. It is about rest and healing today.

This is the song in my head today.

We have a big day tomorrow. More on this later.


Becky said...

So glad to hear Chaia is resting and her vitals are good. Praising God for his continued blessings! We Love you guys and are sending big hugs to you all!

Jackie Thompson said...

Chaia's got God on her team and he's Gr-r-r-eat!
Chaia's got the doctor's on her team and their Gr-r-r-eat!
Chaia's got her family on her team and their Gr-r-r-eat!
Chaia's team is GRR-r-r-eat!!!

Love you all.

Mary Beth said...

Chaia's got Grandma cheering!!! She's GRR-r-r-eat!!!

Love you guys. Glad Chaia was able to rest today. Several parents of my students have asked about you and are praying for Chaia. The one gentleman today said a doctor once told his mother (when she was 86) that she would not live but only a few more months. She's now 93 and still going strong. He pointed to the sky and said He's the one who makes the decisions. Being faithful is what matters. You all are touching lives like I've never seen before. We love you tons!

Brent Foulke said...

Your new family at Stadia and KSP are with you. That the world may know His love. Together we will...